Becoming a True Woman …while I still have a curfew
The True Teen Journal (Year One)

Teen girls are bombarded with images and ideologies that distorting the truth of what God wants them to be and to do. This first study is designed to lay a new foundation of Biblical thinking of what it means to be a “True” woman and a “True” disciple of Christ.

The Journal engages the girls in the learning process.

Once completed, it will provide a keepsake and reminder of the discipleship endeavor. In this first study, girls will be discipled as they explore the following themes of becoming a True Woman of God.

Bonus Feature of Year OneA Pre-teen edition.

We cannot start the discipleship process with our young girls too soon!!! This Journal covers essentially the same material as the teen version but is designed specifically for younger girls. It allows the pre-teen girls to spend more time in relationship-building as well as enjoying the crafts and activities.

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The Leader’s Guide

There is no need to fear leading a discipleship group when you have this Leader’s Guide at your fingertips. It uses specific portions of the texts (see below) to develop lesson plans for the teen or group of teens.

It also provides answers to the questions in the Journal and gives ideas for crafts, ministries and activities. The Leader’s Guide is designed to be used with the Teen or Pre-Teen study. Click to view Leader’s Guide Lesson One.

Supplemental pre-reading for the discipler

True Teen Year ONE:
Spiritual Mothering and The True Woman

Spiritual Mothering uses both biblical and modern-day examples to illustrate the principle of older women “caring for” younger women in the church. It presents a fully biblical and extremely practical vision for intergenerational ministry so that women of all ages can know the blessing of spiritual “mother-daughter” relationships.

The True Woman explores what the Bible has to say about the mission and identity of a true woman of God. Readers will discover how to further develop a biblically shaped and Spirit-driven character that reflects the beauty and truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.