Frequently Asked Questions…

Q. Do the girls need a copy of the text?

A. No.

Q. Do I really need the text and the Leader’s Guide?

A. Yes—The text gives the substance of what you will teach. The Leader’s Guide gives a lesson plan to adapt the material to teens and provides answers to the questions in the Journal.

Q. How many lesson plans are there?

A. 15.

Q. If there are only 15 lesson plans, does this mean that we will complete them in 15 weeks?

A. You could, but it is suggested that you plan on spending a school year. The Leader’s Guide gives suggestions for spending two weeks on some lessons and ideas for crafts, activities, and ministry opportunities for other weeks. Another option: The material is flexible. You may want to select some of the lessons to use in a summer study.

Q. Should this be used by the Women’s Ministry or the Youth Ministry?

A. Yes! It can be used by either, but it is more effective when the Women’s and Youth ministries co-sponsor this study. The Women’s Ministry may assign a woman to pray for each of the girls and to help plan crafts and activities. Community-building idea: If your church budget cannot afford to purchase Journals for the girls, ask women to volunteer to sponsor a girl and purchase her Journal. She could even write a note in the Journal

Q. Do we need to use True1 before we use True2 and True3?

A. Yes.

Q. What about girls who join the group after we have completed True1?

A. The Leader’s Guide gives suggestions to use this as an opportunity for girls who have been through the material to bridge the gap for new girls.

Q. Why is there not a pre-teen Journal for True2 and True3?

A. True1 is an introduction to biblical womanhood and is adaptable to pre-teens. The content in True2 and True3 is more in-depth and more appropriate for high school girls.

Q. We used the pre-teen Journal. Now, do we use True2 with those girls even though they are still in middle school?

A. Our suggestion is to use the teen Journal for True1. Even though they will cover the same material, they will go into it more deeply. Generally, the first year pre-teen girls need a lot of relationship-building time. They enjoy crafts and activities. Repeating the basic content, using the advanced Journal, equips them to move on to True2 and True3.

Q. Do you have a question we haven’t asked and answered?

A. Send an email to