True Teen Endorsements

From a Youth Pastor

Teenage girls are bombarded with messages about beauty, worth, and fulfillment which often, if not always, leads them to questions and doubts about who God has designed them to be. In the midst of ever-increasing struggles, our teenagers are desperate to hear of the life-changing message of the gospel and the freedom that is found in Christ. With the gospel message at its core, Susan Hunt has designed a wonderful resource that clearly presents and unfolds what it means to be a young woman living for Christ. Interwoven with moving personal accounts, the Journal allows girls to interact with Scripture, and it aides them in living out God’s Word in their lives. It has born fruit in the lives of many students in our ministry and I would recommend it to anyone seeking to speak the truth of the gospel into a world filled with lies.

Rev. Greg Doty
Pastor of Student Discipleship
Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Annapolis
Annapolis, MD

From a Teacher

Becoming a True Woman…While I Still Have a Curfew was a wonderful tool in teaching our covenant girls’ Sunday school class (8th-12th graders). Not only did the materials cover Scripture, but they also included reformed theology and encouragement from other godly women. The girls learned how to use and apply these tools, not just hear them as facts. I am thankful for a scripturally sound curriculum that made it easy for the teacher and engaging for the student.

Susan Tyner
Christ Presbyterian Church, Oxford, MS

From Teen Girls

As a covenant child, I have done a lot of Bible studies over the years. These books have definitely been some of my favorites! The things I learn each week stick with me, and I know how to practically apply them to my life. I have loved learning about what it means to be a life-giver and a true woman. I wish every high school girl had the opportunity to go through this series. The world’s idea of womanhood would be transformed!
12th grade Girl

My favorite part about the TRUE Bible study is that it has taught me God’s design for true women rather than the world’s idea of “strong” women. I loved learning about the contrast between life-givers and life-takers. This study has been very humbling because it teaches that indifference toward others in need is just as bad as hurting them because we are not showing them the unconditional love and mercy of Christ. The short stories at the end of each lesson are wonderful because they are about real women who live godly lives and are examples of what it means to be a true woman.
12th grade Girl

Becoming a True Woman is a great book that any girl can learn from. It has taught me so much about how to be a true woman instead of being like the rest of the world. It has taught me how a true woman is a helper, loving, encouraging, accepting, comforting, forgiving, and glorifies God through her relationships. I am so blessed that my Bible study group chose this book, and I know that if God gives me a daughter that I will study this book with her.
9th grade Girl

I think that this book was a great choice for our age group! It has really made me realize how important it is to live a life that’s glorifying to God. Now I know how I can be a true woman and set an example for those around me.
9th grade Girl

Becoming a True Woman is a very inspirational study for young girls. I have grown to see what a true woman really is in this study and I think any young girl will too.
9th grade Girl

From Another Teacher

Our church uses Becoming a True Woman with a combined group of girls and their “spiritual moms” (mothers, grandmothers, and other mentors). We meet together once a month to discuss a lesson. There is an assignment for each pair to do together between lessons in order to review what we have learned and to have fun together. We also have a quarterly gathering which expands our opportunities to know each other better. The program has provided a spring-board for good discussions among the women and a way to reach out to girlfriends and neighbors and their mothers. This curriculum is a treasure—just what we were seeking.

Cheryl Sahagan
Grace Presbyterian Church
Yorba Linda, CA.