Finally -- a discipleship curriculum for teen girls!

Who is teaching our teen and pre-teen
girls what it means to be a woman--
the church or the culture?

The cultural message about womanhood is delivered visually and verbally 24/7. 

Here is a resource to help the church answer the question many of our daughters do not even know they should be asking . . . What does God say about His female design?

In addition to biblical principles of womanhood, this comprehensive Bible study series incorporates:

  • How to study Scripture from a gospel perspective.
  • Suggestions for Scripture memorization.
  • Reformed and covenantal theology with related questions from the Westminster Shorter Catechism.
  • A biblical perspective of the church as the girls are taught their privileges and responsibilities as a part of the covenant community. Suggestions are given to help girls develop relationships with and serve others in the church family.
  • How to live the gospel in our relationships. The lessons continually emphasize that God’s glory is the goal and His Word is the authority for every relationship.

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