Finally -- a discipleship curriculum for teen girls!

Becoming a True living in the light of God's Word.
(Year Two)

True 2 emphasizes the necessity of understanding God’s creation design of women in the context of the gospel, encourages girls to live in the light of God’s Word, and examines various aspects of what it means to be a helper. Beginning with the foundational topics such as God's Word, God's Gospel, His Design and His Church, the study moves into exploring the various aspects of the "Helper" concept.  Each Helper characteristic is presented in the context of the Gospel so that the girls will see their need for grace and God's wonderful provision for grace through His Son Jesus Christ.

This spiral-bound book for the girls is full of Scriptures, outlines, colorful illustrations, suggested memory verses, related Catechism questions and questions for the girls to answer.  Space is also provided for girls to journal their thoughts, their stories and practical applications.   View Journal Table of Contents


  • God’s Word -- A Lamp and Light
  • God’s Gospel -- Getting off the Treadmill
  • God’s Design -- The Gender Difference
  • The Church -- The Bride of Christ
  • Loving Christ’s Bride -- It Takes the Holy Spirit
  • Being the Body of Christ -- Loving leads to Giving
  • Plants and Pillars -- Proverbs 31 on Manhood and Womanhood
  • A Helper Defends -- Prayer is the Key
  • A Helper Sees and Cares -- God's Heart for Compassion
  • A Helper Supports -- Involves Presence and Promise
  • A Helper Protects -- Lessons from Esther
  • A Helper Delivers -- Pointing to our Redemption
  • A Helper Rescues -- The Bible is Our Means
  • A Helper Comforts -- A Comforted Heart will Comfort
  • Help and Hope -- The Conclusion of the Matter

Leader's Materials
There is no need to fear leading a discipleship group when you have this Leader’s Guide at your fingertips. It uses specific portions of the texts (see below) to develop lessons plans for the teen or group of teens.

It also provides answers to the questions in the Journal and gives ideas for crafts, ministries and activities. The Leader’s Guide is designed to be used with the Teen or Pre-Teen study. Click to view Leaders Guide Intro. and Lesson 1

The following texts serve as the touchstone for the discipler to launch into the teen studies.

By Design.  Woman's "helper design" uniquely equips her for ministries of mercy. This study shows the value of men and women partnering in church ministry, and explores the implications of woman's creational design in the various seasons of life.By Design is not about answering feminist arguments or exegeting biblical passages on traditional roles, submission, or headship. Instead, it is an uplifting and practical introduction to God's wonderful design for women. It is also a challenge to women everywhere to explore the significance of your distinctives and return to your biblical calling. And it is a plea for the church to equip and mobilize you to help a hurting world and capture a culture for Christ through ministries of mercy and compassion.

Womens Ministry in the Local Church. In a time of confusion and uncertainty, authors Susan Hunt and Ligon Duncan walk women through the Scriptures to help them better understand what it means to have an effective, biblical women's ministry in the church. The benefits of women's ministries are great: training and discipling, evangelizing, and reaching out to the poor and needy. This book written by seasoned ministry leaders provides many proven tools to help start a women's ministry in your church.